The Crawfish Guide: From Start to Finish

The Crawfish Guide: From Start to Finish

The Right Way to Eat One & The Best Recipes to Use for Leftovers

Crawfish season is upon us! Clueless how to properly eat one? We’ve got step-by-step instructions to make you look like a pro by the time the first crawfish boil of the season rolls around. Not sure what to do with all those leftovers? Read on for our favorite recipes that put your crawdads to delicious use.

Tips Before You Get Started

For mess-free eating: Demeris Catering recommends using the bibs we provide in our Crawfish Boil catering orders.

For hassle-free clean up: Make sure to use a disposable table cover topped with plenty of newspaper to contain juices and spills. Crawfish boils are best done outside, where the fresh air can carry away the delicious smells of crawfish upon completion and where grass or concrete provide a non-delicate, easy-to-clean surface.

And if the thought of all the work that goes into purchasing, washing, preparing, boiling and cooking crawfish (not to mention cleaning up!) is making you dizzy, let Demeris Catering do all the work for you! We can provide everything you need to host the best crawfish boil of the season, including tables, table covers, chairs, décor and more- any day of the week. Just give us a call at (713) 529-7326.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Eating Crawfish

  1. Start with clean, washed hands
  2. Gently twist and pull the tail to separate it from the head
  3. Pinch the tail, squeezing it until you hear its shell crack
  4. See the first three segments of tail? Grab them from the side, lifting up to peel the shell away from the meat
  5. Pinch the exposed meat with one hand, and the tail in the other; pull gently to dislodge meat from shell
  6. Your delicious crawfish meat is now ready to eat or freeze for later use!

Other Common Questions

Why do people suck the head of a boiled crawfish? How do I do it properly?

Don’t get grossed out thinking you’re devouring brains- the head of a crawfish contains its pancreas, which is extremely rich and flavorful! We absolutely recommend you try it. Simply break off the tail and suck it out of the head, or use your finger to dig it out.

Are crawfish healthy?
Yes! Crawfish meat offers great nutritional value and is a good source of protein with approximately 16 grams per serving. They are also low in fat (just 1 gram of unsaturated fat per serving) and rich in Vitamin A, Calcium, and Iron. Each serving contains approximately 75 calories.

            What do I do with my leftover crawfish?

Vacuum-seal or place into Ziploc bags and freeze. You may also refrigerate for use the next day.

Great recipes for leftover crawfish:

Click here to learn how to make a classic, New Orleans-style crawfish etouffee:

Click here to learn how to make Cajun Popcorn (batter-fried crawfish)



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